Should I go with a local building company or an architect? At some time during the planning stage of your dream home, you’re going to have to ask yourself this very important question.

In this article, we’ll outline some common advantages and disadvantages to each method. This will help you to simplify the process and answer your questions.

Why hire an architect?

Most often, hiring an architect will translate into a unique design and possibly an increased resale value. Also, it could result in a home design that fits the site better, and also the current and future needs of you and your family.


Architects can tend to be more time-consuming in the design process, and more expensive. However, from this you can expect a house design that is rich in ideas refined over time. It’s critical that you’re clear on your budget, and that you only choose a builder that has experience in working with architects.

With a clear-cut budget, you can prevent any potential budget blowouts earlier in the process. You can avoid temptations of the highly-priced design ideas that your architect could give you.

Another benefit of choosing an architect is that you may have them work as a project manager. Then they can oversee the construction process to ensure that all materials and methods are appropriate for the home idea you have in mind.

Why choose a local building company?

The main advantage that comes with choosing a local building company is that they’re usually very efficient in cost control. Most have their own team of designers that they use regularly. As the building company is in charge of your project, it’s their obligation to make sure that all aspects of the budget are met. Simply put, if it isn’t met, then no home will be built.

At Build7 Hauraki, we’re your local building company that has our own in-house experts. Our proven systems help provide clients with guidance on different cost options.  All the while, our architects are allowed to instead focus on what they do best: designing.

We can also help determine whether the budget is realistic or not. If it isn’t, we’ll provide you with our best recommendations on other directions and ideas. That’s just one way that we help our clients get the house they want.

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