If you are serious about property investment, then why not take a look at how to build a new home in Hauraki as a property investor.

With the proper research and selection process, house and land deals can offer any investor solid financial gain.  In this article, we’ll explain, in detail, the many important advantages that purchasing a package has over various other real estate strategies.

When investing in property with the goal to sell after renovation, investors can sometimes face scary possibilities. They may discover that the project takes much longer than expected, which makes the investment non-worthwhile. Sometimes, it may not even be completed.

But on the other hand, house and land packages usually require much less time to be invested with the proper approach and don’t involve any risky renovation projects.


Investing in an old house that’s centrally located in the city for subdivision can come with many disadvantages. The main issues that makes achieving a positive cash flow this way are the higher maintenance, holding and mortgage costs. These are all in addition to minimal depreciation benefits.

As a sound investment strategy, you can build a new home in Hauraki with various advantages over these.

Invest and build a new home in Hauraki

Premium rent rates: typically, tenants will pay more rent for a newly-built home. This  can help manage holding costs and ensure a positive return on investment.

New houses also tend to attract tenants for much longer terms. This helps to prevent the stress and time involved with continuously having to deal with short-term ones.

Minimal maintenance costs: When compared to already established properties, new homes require much less maintenance. This all helps to minimize expenses on time, money and stress.

Tax breaks on depreciation: Investing in house and land packages offers claimable tax deductions. You can claim for the costs of construction and the fixture and fittings – making it an even more worthwhile investment.

If needed, you can hire an accountant to manage the depreciation schedule. This is how many investors find they can save much more money than they thought.

Investors that are looking for optimal capital growth, consistent cash flow and minimal risk could certainly build a new home in Hauraki to add to their portfolio.

If you are someone who is considering this as an investment method, then you should consider Build7. Whether you want to rent or resell, our highly-experienced team of designers and builders can help. We can assist you in building a low-risk, positive ROI asset for your investment portfolio.

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