If you are considering building a new house or moving to Ngatea, here’s some ideas and tips. They will help you to manage and simplify the packing process.

Putting your goods in to storage while you build a new home can be quite stressful. The actual building of your home can take up a lot of time and energy, so you want to be sure that your belongings are secure and that you can focus completely on your building project.

While moving to Ngatea in New Zealand doesn’t involve moving to an extreme climate, there are some considerations to make.


Prepare well to save

Step one to preparing your items for storage is to get rid of the excess baggage. Most places charge you by volume, so all that extra junk may be costing you a lot.

Keep the essentials and the items that aren’t easy to replace. Get rid of anything you no longer need or use anything you can do without. Look at selling or donating these things before you pack for storage.

Step two is to make an accurate list of all the items that will be going into storage. This will help you with getting quotes from storage providers. It will also ensure that all the items you put away come out of storage when you’re ready to move in to your new home.

Pack to store when moving to Ngatea

When packing your items for storage it’s important to remember that the conditions aren’t always ideal and that you could be packing for a length of time. Heat, moisture, cold, dirt, mildew and dust will all be factors that can have an effect on your stored items.

Protect wood and leather with any relevant treatments. This will reduce damage from any moisture and temperature changes. Make sure all your delicate items are well wrapped and carefully packed to avoid damage. Drain any items of flammable contents such as oil and fuel to reduce potential fire hazards.

Make sure all of your white wear items are cleaned well before storing to make sure the dirt doesn’t increase over time and ruin them. Make sure they’re stored with doors and lids open to reduce smells inside the appliances.

Bigger things such as washing machines, fridges and dishwashers should be cleaned, disinfected and dried well. This will prevent germ and mould build up over time.

Storage area preparation

If you’re building a new house and moving to Ngatea then planning is key to ensure that you use up all the space that you’ll be paying for. Raise your boxes and delicate furniture off the floor using wooden pallets to reduce the chance of moisture getting in contact.

Label your boxes well and make a note on your list of where the items are stored. It will make for much easier unpacking. Colour coding can be a good way to organise, but you need to choose a method that suits you. Try not to pack any items that contain liquids. But if you have to, make sure these items are well packaged and double wrapped.

Pack well, double wrap as necessary and prepare for the long haul. This way you can make sure all your goods are ready to be moved into your new home when you are.

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