When you’re planning your new home in Ngatea, it’s all about the design. Here are a few tips to get your design to match your dreams.

Keep it simple

You can look at simply drawing your layout and ideas on a piece of paper, using a pencil, so you can edit as you go along. Write down in words, room for room, what you want that room to be and what features it needs to have. Note any special requests and extras so that your designer can fully maximise your plans.


Plan for the future

Remember that your home might need to allow for a growing family, retiring parents, a home business or guest’s rooms. Think about your current lifestyle as well as any changes that could happen in the future. You can look at building in some multi-purpose spaces such as a study that can alternate as a guest bedroom. Another one is a home office that can be used as a laundry room.  Look at who shares your life and plan for possibilities as far as possible. You can even design to allow for extensions if you’re on a tight budget and plan to upgrade later on.

Make use of the natural landscape

Before you start building on your piece of land, you might want to look at the landscape as it stands. Make use of the views by facing windows towards natural scenery. Look at the sloping of your property. Are there ways to use the natural land design? Can you make use of natural light or enjoy shading from trees?

Designing for a steeper section is different to planning for a flat one. Using the natural shape and natural features on the property could also be a lot more affordable than having to landscape. Creating a flatter property on a steep lot may also call for some reinforcing and back-filling. Remember to factor these things into your budget.

What’s most important for your new home in Ngatea?

Once you’ve drawn up a rough idea of what you want, you need to decide which features are most important. To stay within budget, you may need to lose some items or install cheaper alternatives. Where possible, install features of your house than be upgraded later.

At Build7 Hauraki, we have a team of genuine architects who can create your perfect house plan. As experienced Ngatea builders, we know how to take your ideas and turn them into your dream home.

So if you’re looking for a trusted builder to help with your new home, get in touch today.

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