Have you been thinking about a new build in Hauraki this year? Then take a look at this important list of things to consider.

When it comes to designing and building your perfect dream home, it’s important to think about even the simplest things. They can make a huge difference. You can save money and avoid any hassles in the future by following these guidelines. All helping you to get the best value out of your investment.

Don’t forget water cylinders

If you’re someone who doesn’t like wasting time waiting for the hot water to come through, then you should try to install water cylinders wherever you can.

Important areas where you’ll need them most are usually the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Then you can have hot water readily-available.


Instead, install LED lighting

The initial cost of purchasing LED lighting is higher. But it does pay off in the long run because it costs less in time and money. LED lights have a longer life by 90%, and they’re much more energy-efficient.

Don’t forget about storage

Always make sure that you have the most amount of storage possible. This can be done in so many ways – for example: installing a large built-in wardrobe, or a pull-down staircase for larger items.

Solar Panels

Compared to almost about 9 years ago, solar panels today are a quarter of the price. They’re much easier to get and the technology is better. This means that they have a modern design so they look less bulky.

If you ever decide to rent the house, or sell it on, then solar panels will be a big advantage. They are great selling point for any homebuyers.

Build in Hauraki with us

It’s possible that you have some experience and knowledge in project management and construction. But it’s almost guaranteed that hiring the right building company will get better results. At Build7, we are specialists. We can help with you build in Hauraki all while saving you time, money and stress.

If you’re in the process of weighing your options, then contact us at Build7 Hauraki. We have a team of skilled and experienced builders and designers who can help build your perfect  dream home.