When you start a new home build, whether it’s in Ngatea or anywhere in Hauraki, you should spend some time planning type of lighting you will have. It can have an effect on the mood and ambiance of a room. With clever use, you can make gloomy areas seem much more comfortable and inviting. Here are some ways to choose your lighting wisely.

Entrance ambiance

First impressions do matter, so it’s important that your entrance way be well lit. You could consider an impressive feature light if the area is large enough, such as a chandelier or look at skylights. Making use of mirrors in an entrance area is a good way to brighten up the area. The lighting here should be fairly strong without being too stark.


Lighting for safety

Areas such as stairs and attics with a risk of falling or bumping your head should be well lit to reduce any accidents. Using down lights on a staircase and light fixtures on the wall will make these areas much safer. You can have light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs to save power and to ensure that the lights are available as needed.

Security lighting on the outside of the home and at all entrances is important for safety from intruders. Having walkways lit up can also reduce accidents outside in the evening. Motion sensors that activate lights both save power and instantly alert you should there be someone outside.

Recessed lighting in your new home build

When you have large areas and you don’t want to have light sources all over the place, you can look at using recessed lighting. Recessed lights are very effective without the source being obvious. If you’re going for a more contemporary feel, you could also consider track lighting.

Nautral light sources

You can reduce power needs and bring natural light in to your home by making use of well placed windows, glass sliding doors and skylights. Natural lighting can be used to light up areas that might appear gloomy with only artificial lighting. Natural lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in any room or entrance way.

Use smart lighting

Using lights that make use of motion sensors is a good way of saving power as well as providing light when needed. You could consider light switches which restrict the use of light during specific hours of the day.  Choosing solar power for outdoor and garden lighting can save you a lot of money.

At Build7 Hauraki, we can help you to choose the type of lighting for each room, based on your lifestyle and needs. We’re professional Ngatea builders, and we have our own team of genuine architects and designers. So, get in touch today to achieve the perfect lighting in your new home build.