To get an idea of your new home pricing, there’s some research you can do. Then you can create an accurate budget before you start your new build and know exactly what to expect.

The right builder

Start off by contacting builders in the area that have built homes similar in size and quality to the one you’re planning. Check that their previous builds have similar features to what you want so you have an idea of their capabilities.

Ask for an idea of the cost per square metre for construction. More experienced builders will be able to look at your plans and give an estimate of the cost to build your new home. Make sure you know what quality materials they would be looking to use and exactly what’s included in the approximate budget.

You could also get an idea by looking at new homes for sale that are similar to what you are looking to build. Make sure the quality standards and size are similar. Take the house price and deduct the cost of a piece of land in the area to get an idea of the actual house price alone.


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Fancy features will cost you more. Looking at the amount of windows as well as the size and type will affect your new home pricing. Your bathroom and kitchen fittings can also make a big difference. The fancier the fittings and fixtures in these areas, the more expensive these rooms will be.

How many levels?

Look at whether you’re building a single or double storey home. Even when the square meterage is the same, a double costs less than a single floor due to foundation and roofing costs. Adding in high pitched roofs and vaulted ceilings usually bumps up the price too.

New home pricing and the section

What else needs to be done on the section before building commences? Having to prepare the site before building can be expensive. Soil removal, tree removal and leveling the property are all things to budget for in your new home pricing. Make sure you find out and factor in the approximate costs if necessary.

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